Google Impact Challenge

A better world, faster.

LOCATION: Australia

TEAM: Google Marketing

BUILT & PRODUCED BY: Grumpy Sailor

DATE: July - August 2014

Grumpy Sailor and Google’s Marketing have teamed up to create an online and a physical experience to inspire and encourage participation in this Australia’s first Google Impact Challenge.

The Creative: Everyone wishes for a better world. With Google’s $500K funding and mentorship initiative, all it takes is an idea to make the change we are hoping for.  

The Online App:  As part of the Google Impact Challenge Website, the Wish application asks Australians for their wishes for a better world, starting a conversation and inspiring local non-profits to respond by submitting their innovative ideas for their chance to realise them with Google’s support.

The Physical Installation:  At the intersection of technology and visual art, the ‘Wish’ installation creates an interactive experience with the use of light projections, motion sensors and sound. It displays all the wishes Australians have submitted online in an atmosphere of magic and hope, where a positive thought is materialised.