Start with Code

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

TEAM: Google Creative Lab, Google Australia 

PRODUCED BY: Grumpy Sailor

DATE: March 2014

The Creative: Computer science touches our lives in many ways, from movies to medicine, gaming to government, building to business. Computers and digital technology are at the heart of every industry, and code is what you need to operate those computers.

We worked closely with Google to develop a series of resources which would inspire and encourage children to want to code, and help teachers and parents to understand that code underpins almost everything we do.

The Video: What better way to inspire Australia’s young people than by reminding them of all of the wonderful inventions Australian’s have contributed towards. Today, being able to code will help you make almost anything, so we wanted to encourage the young makers and doers to get coding so that they could make things that make a difference too.

The Book: The young people who grow up today can be our first ‘Innovation Generation’ with the some of the world’s most sought-after and highly-valued skills as world demand for computer science and computational thinking continues to accelerate.

We helped Google design and publish a book featuring interviews and articles by some of Australia’s most respected politicians, entrepreneurs and educators to encourage and inspire people to consider coding and computational thinking an important part of Australia’s future.

The Website: START WITH CODE is a collection of resources designed to encourage young Australians to study computing so they can secure a rewarding future for themselves and for Australia.

Grumpy Sailor was responsible for designing and building the website which catalogues a number of really helpful links, videos and programs for parents, students, teachers and entrepreneurs to better understand code and computer science.