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Grumpy Pictures are lovers of all screens, big and small.

We are a curious bunch and we love a good yarn.

We are a collective who look for the best way to tell a story, in whatever platform exists. 

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the new media landscape.

We love daring dramas, revealing docos, but also reckon humour is a great vehicle to carry a powerful message.

We tell stories that are close to us, but also work with different people and companies to find and tell their story.

Above all, we aim to make stories with heart. We aim to create meaning of the world around us (and hopefully have a laugh at the same time).


OK so where have we been all your life?

After years collaborating with a wealth of partners from The Sydney Opera House to Google, Griffin Theatre to The State Library, on projects with technology at heart, we realised there was a common thread. No matter what the experience, there was one thing we couldn’t let go of, story. From interactive films that pushed the form, to embracing VR and 360, to stories about the people behind some of the world’s biggest brands, to comedy clips to make change, all our work has been tightly wound around our love of telling great stories. Stories make people feel, and we love to feel.

So, Grumpy Pictures was born out of our love for storytelling on all screens, and is a place to explore and create the stories that have been waiting in our minds, or seek out new stories to tell and great people to tell them. And while we’re still Grumpy Sailors, and will continue creating interactive experiences over here, it’s time to wear our love of storytelling on our sleeve.


Projects in Production

Dead Centre
360 Short Film

As Alice Springs goes to hell, a father watches over his son from purgatory as he is left to fight his way out of a zombie apocalypse.

Directed by James Boyce.


Projects in Development

Kings Of Baxter
70 minute documentary

Follows the detainees of the Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre as they create a production of Macbeth with Bell Shakespeare. Granted unprecedented access to the boys and the centre, the film will explore life behind bars through intimate interviews and fly-on-the wall footage.

Directed by: Jack Yabsley
Producers: Claire Evans
Executive Producer: Susan MacKinnon
Education Distributor: Ronin Films

Broadcaster: Foxtel Arts

kings_of_baxter_flyer_design_r1_02 (1)-01.png


Resting Pitch Face
A three-part comedy web series coming early 2017.

Sam, Mahala and Eb are a group of housemates with an idea that is going to change the world. But is the world ready to change for them?

Creative developed by Grumpy Sailor with support from Google
Executive Producer: Claire Evans
Writers: Jess Harris, Nicola Parry


Love At Fifth Site
Premiering at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017

Falling in love can leave you lost for words, even though there’s plenty racing through your head. A set of interactive films lets you explore the inner thoughts of two characters across a series of encounters that eventually lead to Love at Fifth Site.

Concept developed by Grumpy Sailor in partnership with Google’s Creative Lab Sydney.
Producers: Claire Evans and Anna Dadic
Writers: Susie Youssef, Tristram Baumber


The Team

James Boyce - Creative Director
Claire Evans - Managing Director
Anna Dadic - Development Producer
(plus an extended band of misfits and legends)



New Business
Anna Dadic

Grumpy Sailor
Suite 2, Level 2
36 Wyndham St, Alexandria
Sydney, NSW 2015

Grumpy Sailor Pictures does not accept unsolicited material.

A taste of our recent commercial video work

For The Love of Meat: 360 Film
Directed by Stephen Oliver for Essential Media and SBS
Produced by Grumpy Sailor Creative

WiFi Swap
Directed by Grumpy Sailor Creative
Produced by a consortium of disgruntled Aussie web users

Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid
A VR experience commissioned by ACMI and Google
Produced by Grumpy Sailor Creative

Android Developer Story: Domain Group
Produced and Directed by Grumpy Sailor Creative for Google

The Unseen House
A day in the life of the Sydney Opera House
Produced by Grumpy Sailor Creative
Directed by Sam Doust
Commissioned by Google's Cultural Institute