Turn your sketches into Apps. / by James Boyce

AppSeed is a new application funded through Kickstarter that streamlines the creative process. Giving businesses and creatives the ability to test the user experience journey early on in the design process. From sketches to a test application in a matter of minutes. Allowing creatives to efficiently turn doodles into a visual prototype helps to get a vague sense of how the app will work, user problems that may be encountered and how the user interacts with the application form an early stage.

It allows you to digitally run the prototype on your device and also share the prototype as a HTML5 prototype along with Photoshop layered designs. 

The application is still in its early days however it can recognise certain UI options including buttons, input text, streetview and maps. What a great tool that will be able to assist and empower creatives and creators. 

 view the video  here

view the video here