part laboratory : part creative agency : part production house

We’re thinkers, makers and doers

Grumpy Sailor is a group of curious individuals who come up with ideas for things, and then make them. We have a broad range of skills that allows us to shift between various projects, disciplines and approaches. 

Our mission is to dive deeper, push ideas further, embrace failure and to discover the new and unknown. We love cool tools and new toys because they help brew ideas and try new things. 

We’re firm believers that creativity can inspire change, fill people with joy and make people think deeper about the world that surrounds them.

We’re open to collaborations of all shapes and forms. Our partners are generally cultural institutions, innovative companies and agencies across a range of projects.

If you have the desire to commission something that has never been done contact us.

If you have the skills to help us make something that has never been made contact us.